Add Grid Lines or Guide Lines to your full Dry Erase Wall

Add a pre made framed border to your Dry Erase Board

Total$ 34.85
SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
2' x 3 ' Wall120$ 34.85
3' x 4' Wall120$ 69.85
4' x 6' Wall120$ 118.85

Product Description

Turn Your Wall into a Giant Dry Erase Board

Gone are the days of ordering $400 dry erase boards or going to the store for cheap Masonite that won’t fit in your car.

Dry erase film applies directly to your wall. No need for a frame, no need for screws and hangers – just apply it to the wall and write away.

Perfect for Brainstorming, note taking, collobrating, & more!

  • Business & Office Walls
  • Restaurants
  • Schools & Universities
  • Retail Stores
  • Child Care Facilities



  • Border: Add a decorative border for a little extra style – and to remind people where to stop writing.
  • Gridlines: Add gridlines to keep people on track. No more writing downhill!


Dry erase film ships in adhesive sheets along with instructions for self-installation.

Download our "How to Install" instructions